随着古老的格言,它不是重要的目的地,而是旅程。这是因为这个原因,英国的许多道路都达到了标志性的状态。其中一个最值得注意的这样的路线是Snake Pass

Traversing the Pennines between the northern cities of Manchester and Sheffield, the Snake Pass inspires admiration and trepidation in equal measures. In this guide, we’ll travel this famous road from end to end, enjoying breathtaking scenery and learning its history. We’ll also explore why, despite its well known dangers, the route remains eternally popular amongst drivers and cyclists alike.

The route

照片©JThomas(cc-by-sa / 2.0)

对于那些不熟悉的蛇通过的人,我们将开始快速看看地点的road. Though its primary role is to link cities in Greater Manchester and South Yorkshire, the road lies entirely withinDerbyshire

道路的起点就是镇东部Glossop, just inside the boundaries of the峰区。Snake Pass仍然是国家公园的整个路线,增加了作为风景秀丽的吸引力。

From its origin, the road then cuts a southeasterly path through the Pennines. Along the way, it passes just to the north ofKinder Scout,县的最高点。路线的开始,驾驶员爬升到510米(1,680英尺)的最大高度靠近蛇通道穿过受欢迎的宾夕法尼道路走路的程度。

After this, the road ahead is largely downhill, as it winds its way through forested areas between the region’s peaks. For much of the second half of its route, the Snake Pass follows the course of the nearby River Ashop as it flows towardsLadybower Reservoir。It then runs directly along the north shore of the reservoir, before finally reaching its end point at theAshopton Viaduct

The Snake Pass and the A57

Signpost indicating directions to Sheffield and Glossop on the A57
骑行距离峰区大约11英里,蛇通过形成一个更大的一部分A57。这条路线在英格兰北部的一条道路中的一条大型道路之一开始于中心利物浦, close to Lime Street station.

在东方的方式,它通过了知名人士,St HelensWarrington在进入大曼彻斯特之前。部分伸展曼彻斯特, the road becomes a motorway. Here, it takes on the official title of theA57(M)- 或者,更普遍,Mancunian Way。然而,沿着绝大多数路线,A57是单一行车道。

After travelling throughTamesideGlossop, we reach the Snake Pass itself. Further along, the A57 meets the major city of谢菲尔德和the north Nottinghamshire town ofWorksop.。向东,它与其有部分路线分享A1, before resuming the A57 title as it reaches its end point in Lincoln.

History of the Snake Pass

照片©Martin Dawes(cc-by-sa / 2.0)

虽然早期的步行路线存在于黑色峰的传递上,但现代化的道路在十九世纪初的起源。传奇工程师的心跳Thomas Telford,蛇通道是将Glossop连接到Ashopton的收费道路。议会于1818年批准了其建设,1821年向公众开放。通行费继续在1870年之前在路上收集。

虽然最初宣传为“谢菲尔德到莱斯普脚步公路”,但这条路仅限于芦荟顿。今天将该地区联系在南约克郡的高架者之后,于1945年开放。尽管如此,蛇通行证仍然是曼彻斯特和谢菲尔德之间旅行的主要路线,直到20世纪80年代。A628(Woodhead Pass)取代它。令人惊讶的是,鉴于他们的尺寸和靠近近距离,仍然没有连接两个城市的高速公路。


Did you know?

很多人都认为蛇通过它的名字是参考其许多曲折,并在它穿过剧烈景观时转动。然而,虽然蛇形路线可能会模仿动物本身,但绰号背后的真正含义更像是更平淡的。这条路实际上从中获得了名字斯卡旅馆,沿途的热门酒吧。有趣的是,当Snake Inn更名为蛇时,情况后来又逆转了Pass客栈。因此,酒吧从路上占据了它的名字,而这又从酒吧拿出了名字!

Usage and popularity

The Snake Pass offers motorists access to the Peak District. Image source:Matthew Feeney

Built to serve as a link between two major cities, the Snake Pass still serves as a daily commuting route for motorists travelling between the Sheffield and Manchester areas. However, it’s also become something of a destination in its own right. It features highly on virtually every list of top driving roads in the country. (Even we couldn’t resist putting it first on our rundown of伟大的英国公路旅行!)

Part of the attraction here is its difficulty. It’s especially popular amongst cyclists, with a sharp incline at the start of the route followed by a long, scenic descent. For this reason, it features often on professional cycling routes, such as the英国之旅。同样,摩托车手特别爱到了下坡的刺激,当前进到彩光时。


If, though, for you, getting out and about means getting away from the vehicle, then there’s certainly no shortage of things to do around here. As well as the aforementioned Kinder Scout and Pennine Way, there’s also the Doctor’s Gate walking route to tackle, which runs close to the western end of the Snake Pass. Towards the Ashopton end of the road, there are countless walking routes surrounding Ladybower Reservoir, featuring natural beauty alongside colossal works of engineering.



由于道路不再被认为是谢菲尔德和曼彻斯特之间的主要路线,当局经常在下雪时期关闭蛇通过,当时道路不太可能被磨碎。当道路封闭有效时,不要试旅行蛇通过,即使driving with winter tyres

Outside of winter, there’s still plenty of reason for motorists and bikers to pay close attention when crossing the Snake Pass. Though it doesn’t feature amongst英国最危险的道路,该路线是用棘手的弯曲和盲目峰值的补充。即使在温暖的季节,也可能突然出现恶劣的天气条件,并且有雾的条件可能会严重限制可见性。

For those behind the wheel, one of the key messages is to留意骑自行车者的可能性和摩托车手,可能会围绕隐藏的弯道出现并试图通过过滤超车。

Meanwhile, a specific campaign also exists targeting bikers, withShiny Side Up独特的黄色点缀风景的迹象。The ‘To Die For’ signs urge motorcyclists to reduce their speed on dangerous roads, while other notices also encourage them to overtake safely.

To sum up


Keep your eyes peeled for further additions to our Iconic Roads of Britain series, where we’ll profile some of the nation’s best driving routes. See you next time!


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